Our Communities

Our long-term success depends on the commitment and trust of our colleagues, suppliers and communities. 

Why are we taking action?

Morrisons employs 105,000 people. The people who supply us employ many more thousands, all over the world. And our stores are part of their local community. So it’s important that we look after our colleagues and make people feel safe and supported.

We were the first UK supermarket to guarantee pay of at least £10 an hour for our store colleagues, following successful completion of their probationary period. To make people feel welcome, we’re building a diverse, inclusive workplace. And we help young people to find opportunities.

To support communities during Covid-19, we helped to keep food banks stocked up. At each store and site, there’s a Community Champion whose sole purpose is to make sure we’re supporting our local area. We raise millions for charities big and small.

We have a responsibility to recognise the human rights of workers in our supply chains. We work hard to make sure our products and materials are ethically sourced.

It’s a priority that our products meet strict food safety and legal standards. Find out more here
We are committed to upholding the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and have aligned our approach to addressing human rights risk against this global standard. Find out more here
Modern slavery, forced labour, human trafficking and exploitation impact workers across all aspects of our global supply chain and represent an unacceptable affront to human rights. Find out more here