Over the counter, over the years: Morrisons TV ad celebrated 125 years of fresh British food

17 June 2024

Morrisons kicks off 125th anniversary celebrations with new ad campaign, £1m charity fund and more loyalty points for customers

17 June 2024

Morrisons celebrates 125 years with ‘Basket Bonuses’ for its loyalty card holders

17 June 2024

Morrisons and Rontec open 100th convenience store together

23 May 2024

Morrisons lowers and locks over 400 prices

20 May 2024

Morrisons to acquire 38 convenience stores in the Channel Islands

07 May 2024

More reasons to eat at Morrisons cafés

17 April 2024

Morrisons Media Group (MMG) launches innovative channels for brands to connect with customers

16 April 2024

Morrisons introduces new afternoon quiet hour to help shoppers

04 April 2024

Morrisons invests £1.4 million in new Innovation Centre at Greenside site in Bradford

04 April 2024

Morrisons trading update for Q1 2023/24

27 March 2024

Morrisons eggs achieve the first UK carbon neutral BSI Kitemark™ certification

26 March 2024

Tea-riffic deal: Morrisons Mother's Day afternoon tea for two for just £12

04 March 2024

New appointments and changes to Morrisons senior team

29 February 2024

Morrisons is partnering with Filco to launch nine new ‘Together with Morrisons' stores

22 February 2024

Morrisons launches Aldi and Lidl price match on hundreds of products

19 February 2024

Morrisons seeks new charity partner

01 February 2024

Morrisons trading update for Q4 and full year 2022/23

31 January 2024

MFG and Morrisons announce forecourts partnership and EV expansion

30 January 2024

We can heart-ly wait: Morrisons unveils indulgent Valentine’s day three-course meal deal

24 January 2024

Morrisons to make further significant improvements to its chicken welfare standards

22 January 2024

'Morrisons Daily' opens at the University of Bradford

16 January 2024

The Sunday best: Morrisons launches new Sunday roast menu in its cafés

16 January 2024

Morrisons locks prices low on over a thousand products to help customers through the January squeeze

02 January 2024