Our Planet

Our success depends on a healthy planet. We're working hard to use natural resources with care, reduce waste and cut greenhouse gas emissions.

Why are we taking action?

The food systems that we rely on are in trouble. They’re threatened by the climate crisis, deforestation and the overuse of natural resources. It’s important that we play our part in solving these problems.

Today, we’re already making a difference. We have reduced our greenhouse gas emissions from our own operations by 17% between 2019 and 2022.

Good planning and giving surplus food to good causes means we create less food waste. We’re also proud to sell ‘wonky’ fruit and veg.

To tackle plastic pollution, for example, we were the first supermarket to use paper ‘bags for life’ instead of plastic, and we have removed all the plastic bags from our bananas and replaced them with a recyclable paper band.

And we’re taking care to buy our food in a way that doesn’t damage forests or ecosystems.

How the food we sell is grown and made has a large impact on its environmental footprint. Find out more about our Biodiversity Strategy here
Our Energy consumptions is a major contribution to our operational emissions. Find out how we're becoming more energy efficient here
Water is essential to life on the planet, the health of people and the ecosystems on which we depend. Find out how we are managing water in our supply chain here