Contact details for suppliers

At Morrisons we treat our obligations under the Groceries Supply Code of Practice (GSCOP) seriously. 

If you are a current supplier to Morrisons, and have any general queries in relation to GSCOP, please contact our Code Compliance Officer by email at

If you have any invoice or payment related queries, please contact our Accounts Payable Helpdesk on 0845 611 5700 or at

Contact details for the Groceries Code Adjudicator can be found at 

Below is a list of our Senior Buyers. Suppliers with any specific GSCOP query in relation to their products should, in the first instance, contact the relevant Category Senior Buyer.

Our Senior Buyers (GSCOP)

Seafood & Eggs James Judd
Produce & Horticulture Drew Kirk
Meat Joe Mannion
Deli Aidan Buckley
Bakery Keith Wright
Food To Go and Cafe Anna Lane
Pre Packed Processed Fresh Foods Fraser Lovatt
Grocery & Impulse Jon Downes
Beers, Wines and Spirits Dan Povey
Household & Pet Anthony Fearon
Health & Beauty Kelly Dix
Frozen Ken Clow
Home & Leisure David Lennon
Nutmeg (clothing) Christine Bryce
Code Compliance Officer Andrew Clappen


Our standard terms & conditions of purchase

Morrisons trades with suppliers on standard terms and conditions of purchase. You can find a copy of these at the link below: 

Our Standard Terms and Conditions of Purchase 

Forensic Auditing

We have established a policy that will limit both Morrisons and suppliers to audits going back no more than the current plus two financial years on new audit claims. Our suppliers have the option to sign up to this policy which we agreed with the Groceries Code Adjudicator. 

If you are a supplier you should have received a letter explaining your options. If not, please contact us at

Information for Overseas Suppliers

The Groceries Code Adjudicator has a provided information for Overseas Suppliers on the UK's Groceries Code. You can find a copy of this letter below: 

Letter to Overseas Suppliers.