Morrisons Helps Egg Farmers Create Biodiverse Farmland for Free-Range Hens

27 November 2020

Morrisons offers emergency service workers 10% off all groceries

20 November 2020

Morrisons unveils new 'Market Kitchen' in Edgbaston

17 November 2020

Morrisons asks food and drink brands to help fight war on plastic

17 November 2020

Morrisons to bring back national takeaway service for second lockdown

09 November 2020

Morrisons to Introduce Service to Feed Self-Isolating Schoolkids

04 November 2020

Morrisons extends 10% discount to nursery and college staff

31 October 2020

Morrisons offers teachers and school staff 10% off all groceries

30 October 2020

Morrisons and Too Good To Go save 100,000 meals from going to waste

27 October 2020

Morrisons to donate 15,000 lunchboxes daily to help school children in need

26 October 2020

Morrisons extends 10% discount for NHS heroes

15 October 2020

Morrisons goes completely glitter free

14 October 2020

One Stop Shop: Morrisons launch luxury Christmas food box to feed family of four

13 October 2020

Morrisons to add quieter hours in all stores every Sunday

07 October 2020

Morrisons to extend immediate payments for small suppliers until the end of January

01 October 2020

Over a thousand new jobs created to fulfil ‘Morrisons on Amazon’ orders

30 September 2020

Over a thousand new jobs created to fulfill ‘Morrisons on Amazon’ orders

30 September 2020

Morrisons launches SOS food delivery service for students

28 September 2020

Morrisons unveils new home delivery measures To Feed The Nation

24 September 2020

Morrisons invests to further increase instore hygiene standards

17 September 2020

Morrisons announces acquisition of Lincolnshire outdoor plant business Lansen Nurseries

09 September 2020

Morrisons provides doorstep deliveries to McCarthy & Stone's nationwide retirement communities

09 September 2020

Morrisons slashes prices of grocery essentials

07 September 2020

Morrisons doubles number of professional florists in its stores

01 September 2020

Morrisons upholds offers to apprentices despite results uncertainty

28 August 2020

Eggs-ercise! Morrisons trains hens to produce the tastiest eggs

26 August 2020

Morrisons is now on

19 August 2020

Morrisons plans to become the first supermarket to remove all plastic carrier bags at checkouts

17 August 2020

Morrisons Cafes Extend 'Eat Out to Help Out' Scheme Throughout Seven Day Week

05 August 2020

Get a ‘pizza’ this! Morrisons launches £2.50 vegan 'no pepperoni pizza'

20 July 2020

Morrisons introduces food parcels for customers to purchase for those in need

16 July 2020

Morrisons launches family recipe box for just £30 Including delivery

15 July 2020

Morrisons cafes open this week after multi-million pound investment in social distancing

02 July 2020

Morrisons Bolsover opens new stand-alone Nutmeg clothing and home store

29 June 2020

Morrisons launches lean meat box for fitness fans

24 June 2020

Morrisons to open UK's first national chain of supermarket takeaways

19 June 2020

Morrisons and Deliveroo to send huge tomahawk steak & wine direct to Dads in as little as 30 mins

18 June 2020

Morrisons and Deliveroo launch 'matchday' food & drink for football fans

16 June 2020

Morrisons to extend NHS 10% discount

11 June 2020

Morrisons new 'fakeaway' boxes contain more meals than you can curry

10 June 2020

Morrisons to extend immediate payments for small suppliers for a further three months

08 June 2020

Morrisons new doorstep delivery service passes 100,000 orders

03 June 2020

Morrisons launches vegan essentials food box

01 June 2020

Morrisons stocks new fettle cheese to help struggling Yorkshire sheep farmers

20 May 2020

Morrisons opens Safe Spaces for those experiencing domestic abuse

20 May 2020

Morrisons launches extra large fruit and veg box

19 May 2020

Takeaway sausage rolls are back... at Morrisons

18 May 2020

Morrisons introduces 'Speedy Shopping' for basket customers

13 May 2020

Morrisons launches seasonal food box to support British farmers

12 May 2020

Morrisons and Amazon announce expansion of Prime Now grocery delivery service across London and most major UK cities

11 May 2020

Morrisons cuts petrol nationwide below £1 per litre

11 May 2020

Morrisons launches bumper BBQ food box for VE Day bank holiday

05 May 2020

Morrisons selling flour direct from its bakeries

02 May 2020

VE Day afternoon tea delivered by Morrisons

02 May 2020

Morrisons and Deliveroo Add Beer and Wine and Expand Food Range Delivered To Your Home

01 May 2020

Morrisons launches gluten free essentials food box

30 April 2020

Morrisons sells 'Restaurant Quality' seafood and steaks for half price

30 April 2020

Morrisons announces new measures to support farmers during coronavirus pandemic

23 April 2020

Morrisons launches Ramadan essentials food box

20 April 2020

Morrisons introduces new measures aimed at helping vulnerable and elderly during crisis

14 April 2020

£500,000 Morrisons Foundation Fund offers Lifeline to Homeless during Covid-19 Outbreak

09 April 2020

Morrisons launches next wave of home delivery food boxes

09 April 2020

Volunteer buying your groceries? Send them an eGift or gift card.

08 April 2020

Morrisons and Deliveroo Join up to Offer Grocery Home Delivery

07 April 2020

Morrisons thanks army of colleagues with threefold increase in bonus for next 12 months

02 April 2020

Morrisons launches NHS click and collect food box

02 April 2020

Morrisons celebrates NHS with 'Gingerbread Hero'

02 April 2020

Morrisons Statement on Supreme Court judgement

01 April 2020

Morrisons to increase contactless limit to £45

30 March 2020

Morrisons to help restock Britain's foodbanks

30 March 2020

Protecting our Colleagues

27 March 2020

Morrisons helps to re-open local food bank following theft raid

26 March 2020

Morrisons to introduce NHS hour

24 March 2020

Morrisons to take on Marie Curie and Clic Sargent charity shop staff to help the elderly and vulnerable in Morrisons stores

23 March 2020

Morrisons to introduce new measures for colleague, communities and vulnerable people during Coronavirus outbreak

17 March 2020

Morrisons to make immediate payments to help small suppliers with cashflow

13 March 2020

Morrisons to recruit more ex-armed services personnel

11 March 2020

Morrisons offers engineering apprenticeships to over 16s

03 March 2020

Morrisons puts all its eggs into the free range basket

19 February 2020

Morrisons knocks 50p off lunchtime meal deal

04 February 2020

Executive Committee Management Succession

16 January 2020