We are committed to becoming Net Zero within our own operations by 2035.  Our actions so far have resulted in a 32% reduction in emissions - saving almost 300,000 tonnes of CO2 since 2017

Our Actions 

Renewable Energy

  • We will be the first supermarket to own and operate our own solar ‘farm’ and have already installed over 25MW of solar power in 90 of our retail and manufacturing sites.
  • We are investing in heat pumps to warm our stores and sites.
  • We are working on a five year plan to buy and use more renewable energy.

Our Solar Panels generate 20,000MWh of power each year, saving us over 4000 tonnes of CO2e - that's the equivalent of taking 3000 petrol hatchback cars off the road!*

Energy Savings 

  • We have introduced new fridge technology in 260 stores which draws cold air back into our fridges to reduce energy consumption. A number of our stores now have fridges and freezers fitted with doors, providing 30-40% energy savings.
  • We are currently switching to refrigerants with CO2 made from natural ‘green’ waste.
  • We are continuing to invest in LED lighting and controlled voltage in stores to reduce power demand.
  • We have reduced our gas consumption through a boiler replacement programme in all of our sites and stores alongside control upgrades to improve our ability to monitor and control remotely.
  • We are installing 'heat harvest' technology which uses heat from our refrigeration to provide hot water in store.
  • We have launched a 'Switch off and Save' energy saving scheme across our sites, to save £5m of power from being wasted.


  • We carefully plan our supply chain routes to reduce road miles and empty running, including increasing our double decker journeys to reduce the number of lorries on the road.
  • We have undertaken driver training and are now using a telematics system to reduce harsh braking, acceleration and engine idling time.
  • We are introducing a new lightweight fleet of vehicles which use 10-25% less fuel.
  • We have introduced a fleet of electric vehicles to run our Doorstep Deliveries at each of our stores. We are trialling the first electric truck early next year which has zero emissions.
  • We are trialling the use of solar panels to power refrigeration on our chilled trucks this year.
  • We are upgrading our HGVs to the newest specifications, such as using low friction tyres on all of our HGV's to increase fuel efficiency.

Alternative Fuels 

  • We've installed over 220 'next generation' rapid electric charging points across our stores nationwide so that customers can charge their electric cars - from flat to full battery in under 45 minutes.  
  • We are introducing Compress Natural Gas (CNG) into 2 of our depots servicing approximately 120 of our stores.

On Scope 1 and 2 emissions Morrisons is making the move to help limit global warming to 1.5 degrees, in line with the highest ambition of the international Paris Agreement - to limit temperature rises to 1.5 degrees above pre-industrial levels. Morrisons Scope 3 emissions will follow a well below 2 degrees pathway.

*Calculated using UK Government Emmission factors, assuming an average of 6600 miles per annum