At Nutmeg, we make clothing that’s designed for life. That means we’re always thinking about the details that make a difference - not only to our customers’ lives, but also to our planet.

Our Products 


We’ve partnered with Better Cotton to improve cotton-farming practices around the world. Better Cotton makes global cotton production better for the people who produce it, better for the environment it grows in, and better for the sector’s future. We’re committed to sourcing 100% of our cotton as Better Cotton by 2025.


We are working to increase the amount of certified recycled polyester in our ranges.

Viscose and Modal 

We are proud partners of the CanopyStyle Initiative, and are committed to sourcing all the man-made cellulosic fibres used in our clothing range from responsibly managed forests by 2025.

Our Packaging 

Paper and Card

All of our stickers, swing tags and boxes can be recycled with other paper and card. Card packaging for our socks and underwear can be recycled too, but please remove the plastic hook first. Most of our card packaging is FSC Mix, and we are working towards all our paper and card packaging being responsibly sourced.


The bags that some of our products come in such as baby sleepsuits and underwear, can all be recycled with carrier bags at your local Morrisons store. We are working towards all of our plastic packaging containing recycled material, and being fully recyclable, by 2025.

All of our black hangers contain recycled plastic, and we send of our broken and damaged hangers to be recycled into new ones. Please leave hangers behind at the checkout so we can reuse them; they’re not recyclable at home in kerbside collections, so please don’t take them home unless you really need them.

Wear and Care

Nutmeg clothes are designed for life, not just a few wears. That’s why we make them with thoughtful details - such as adjustable waistbands, reinforced pockets and anti-bacterial fabrics - that keep them going season after season. And if you treat them with some thoughtful care and attention, you can prolong their life span even further.


When it comes to caring for your clothes, don’t get hot under the collar – literally. Washing at 30 degrees can give you the same result as a higher temperature, while using less energy, saving money and avoiding excessive heat which can damage your clothes.

More is less with detergent - too much can leave behind a residue on your clothes. There are some great detergents with biodegradable ingredients, which are designed to work brilliantly at lower temperatures.
Separating lights from darks, strong fabrics from delicates, and lightly soiled from heavily soiled is a great habit that pays off in the long run, minimising overwashing and the damage it does to fabrics.

When it comes to washing, it pays to go all in. That means avoiding half empty washing cycles, which use as much energy as full ones.
Washing every time you get a stain wastes a lot of time, water and energy. It’s better to spot clean stains between washes, and even better to spot clean it as soon as you see it.


Try to avoid tumble-drying, which uses up a whole load of energy and can damage your clothes. Reshaping clothes before line drying can help to remove creases naturally, and keeps your clothes hanging around for longer.

If you do need to get the iron out, then using a low heat setting will be kinder to your clothes and cheaper to run - just be sure to check the instructions on the care label.


Show your clothes some love, and don’t just throw them away at the first sign of wear and tear. Sewing is a great, easy way to repair and prolong the life of your beloved items.

More in Store

Or if your sewing skills aren’t up to the task, Timpson at Morrisons offers a wide range of repair services

Nutmeg Actively encourages the recycling of worn or outgrown clothing through the network of clothing collection points. Alternatively 'gift' them to charity shops where they can find a new lease of life, generating reward for many good causes, whilst reducing the impact on the environment.