Impress for less: Morrisons unveils three-course Valentines meal deal for two - Saving customers over £20
Published:09 February 2023

- The feast includes a starter, main, two sides, a dessert and drink -

- Priced at £15 for My Morrisons Members and all customers shopping on, saving up to £20.45 -

- Customers can choose from a delicious Antipasti platter, Rump Steak, Spaghetti Carbonara and Raspberry Panna Cotta -

- Full vegan option available, featuring a Miso Mushroom Stuffed Butternut Squash and Zillionaire Cheesecake -

- On sale from 8th to 14th February -

Morrisons has unveiled its The Best Dine in For Two Meal Deal where customers can get a three-course dining experience, including starters, mains, two sides, dessert and a drink to help them celebrate Valentine’s Day in style.

My Morrisons members and online shoppers can pick the deal up for just £15, saving up to £20.45 compared to buying the cost of individual items separately. Couples can start things off with camembert tear and share bread, an antipasti platter or a vegan mushroom pate.

Mains include pork tenderloin wrapped in prosciutto with a balsamic glaze, a rump steak with peppercorn butter, or Scottish salmon filets with a hollandaise butter that can be paired with classic chunky chips, Maris Piper dauphinoise potatoes, or maple roasted carrot and parsnips.

Desserts range from some delightful raspberry panna cotta, a cheese selection, and - new for this year - GÜ chocolate and honeycomb and hot chocolate molten middles. A full vegan option is available as well which features chipotle cauliflower wings, vegan mushroom pate, a miso mushroom stuffed butternut squash, three sides to choose from and an indulging GÜ vegan cheesecake dessert.

To drink, there’s a selection of red and white wines as well as fizz, including Chevaliers St Martin AOP Bordeaux, the La Bellamente Pinot Grigio Blush, and the Menestrello Prosecco Spumante. In addition, some refreshing non-alcoholic drinks from Morrisons The Best collection are available, such as The Best Sparkling Sicilian Lemonade, The Best Sparkling Raspberry Lemonade and The Best Ginger Beer.

Andrew Nunns, Senior Buying Manager at Morrisons said; “Our Valentine’s Dine in Deal is always highly sought after by our customers. This year we anticipate more customers than ever will opt to have a special evening at home to celebrate so our team has been working hard to bring exciting new dishes, while still offering couples a great saving.”

Morrisons The Best Dine in for Two Valentine’s Meal Deal will be available in store and online from 8th to 14th February. Non My Morrisons card holders can get the deal for £17, a saving of £18.45

The full selection available and their usual retail prices are:


(Pick 1)

The Best Camembert Heart Wreath with Cherry Bell Peppers (V) (NEW) £4.99

The Best Scottish Cooked Mussels in Chianti & Iberico Chorizo sauce £3.00

The Best Chipotle Cauliflower Wings (VG/GF) (NEW) £2.99

The Best Antipasti Platter (NEW) £4.49

Plant Revolution Roasted Vegan Mushroom Pate £4.49

The Best Cornish Scallop & King Prawn Thermidor Gratins £6.50

(Pick 1)

The Best Beef Wellington £11.00

The Best Pork Tenderloin Wrapped in Prosciutto & Balsamic Glaze £7.50

The Best Rump Steaks with Peppercorn Butters (NEW) £8.00

The Best Slow Cooked Coq au Vin £7.00

The Best Spaghetti Carbonara (NEW) £5.99

The Best Miso Mushroom Stuffed Butternut Squash (VG/GF) (NEW) £4.99

The Best Scottish Salmon filets with a Hollandaise butter (NEW) £5.00

(Pick 2)

The Best Greens, Beans and Carrots with a lemon & parsley dressing (VG)
(NEW) (GF) £2.75

The Best Maple Roasted Carrot & Parsnips (VG) (NEW) £2.75

The Best Cauliflower Cheese (V) £2.75

The Best Maris Piper Dauphinoise Potatoes (V) £2.75

The Best Chunky Chips (VG) £2.75

The Best Garlic Bread Sticks (V) £2.00

(Pick 1)

The Best Mango & Passionfruit Cheesecake £3.25 Gu Zillionaires Cheesecake (VG) £3.95

Gu Chocolate & Honeycomb Dessert £2.95

GU Hot Chocolate Molten Middles £3.75

The Best Raspberry Panna Cotta (GF) £3.50

The Best British Cheese Collection (NEW) (GF) £3.25

The Best Caramelised Biscuit Profiteroles (NEW) £3.50

(Pick 1)

The Best Sparkling Sicilian Lemonade £1.99

The Best Sparkling Raspberry Lemonade £1.99

The Best Ginger Beer £1.99

The Best Apple & Elderflower £1.99

The Best Elderflower Presse £1.99

Menestrello Prosecco Spumante £8.50

Chevaliers St Martin AOP Bordeaux £5.49

Fairbank Wines Sauvignon Blanc £7.50

La Bellamente Pinot Grigio Blush £5.49

Isoletta Catarratto Pinot Grigio £5.49

Isoletta Nero D’Avola