Morrisons Position

The UK and EU have been proactive in taking out certain neonicotinoids from crop use to help protect bee populations; many formulations allowed in other countries are not allowed in the UK.

Beyond the stringent UK approval process we require our growers to undertake a responsible and targeted approach to the use of pesticides to ensure other pollinators, the environment, customers and the growers themselves are all protected. 

Our produce growers use the principles of Integrated Crop Management, which means they promote non-chemical based methods of disease and pest control and target specific solutions to particular pests. These standards and approaches are assessed by independent auditors, using farm assurance standards such as Global GAP or Red Tractor.

We work with independent partners who assess pesticide use on our fresh fruit and vegetables to control risks for workers, the environment and our customers. Our Fresh Produce Pesticide Policy is reviewed regularly and can be found here.

Maximum Residue Levels limit how much residue can legally remain in food; we have a comprehensive residue testing programme, results of which are published in our annual report here

For those customers who wish to purchase products with restricted pesticide use we offer a certified organic range. 

We also work hard with our farmers on initiatives to help build vital pollinator populations. Read about our bee-friendly wildflower strips here.