We do not use genetically modified ingredients (including additives and processing aids) in any of our own brand products. We have a comprehensive and continuous product sampling programme in place to help monitor this.

Like many other supermarkets, we are unable to guarantee that GM animal feed is not used in the supply chain for meat and dairy products, unless it’s organic. Such a promise would add to the strain on farmers and increase the pressure on food prices, given the declining availability of guaranteed non-GM feed.

We allow our farmers to use the feed that is right for their farm. This may include GM feed if it has been authorised for use by the appropriate food safety regulator after proper risk assessment.

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) is very clear that food from animals fed on authorised GM crops is just as safe as food from animals fed on non-GM crops.

We respect the fact that some customers do not wish to buy products from animals which may have been fed GM feed, and our organic range provides this assurance.