Published:08 April 2020

Explanation of eGifts & Gift Cards for Vulnerable / Self-isolating people & volunteers.

Buy Gift Cards -

If another person has been grocery shopping on your behalf, or if you’d like to send a grocery gift card to someone else, the Morrisons eGift and Gift Cards are here to help. 

What is the Morrisons eGift and Gift Card?

The eGift and Gift Card can be used to provide funds to another person, whether that’s a friend, family member or other volunteer, who is conducting your grocery shopping on your behalf. You can also use them to give as a gift. They can be used at any Morrisons store in the UK, and are a great way to make sure funds are available for your shopping needs without the need to leave your home.

How do the Gift Cards work?

You can order a Gift Card online and it’ll be posted to the recipient’s home address, removing the need for you to handle physical money, or pass your payment card details on to the recipient. The recipient can then use the Gift Card at any checkout in any Morrisons store in the UK.

How do eGifts work?

eGifts are an electronic version of the Gift Card. They are sent directly to the recipient’s email address without the need for handing anything over to the recipient, whether that’s physical money or your payment card details. 

The eGift can then be printed and used in store, or alternatively it can be presented in store on a phone screen to be scanned at the checkout. They also work on self-service checkouts. 

How can I use the eGift and Gift Cards?

You can purchase the vouchers for any value between £10 and £250, and they are valid for 12 months. They are for use in any Morrisons store in the UK and can’t be used online. 

You don’t need to spend the total value of the voucher in one transaction, all the funds will remain on the voucher until the balance reaches £0, or it expires 12 months after the last use. 

B2B -

If you need to purchase Morrisons Gift Cards or eGifts in bulk on behalf of a school, local authority or business, you can do so here with ease on the Morrisons Corporate Gift Card site. 

All you need to do is set up an account using the simple self-registration process. Once your account is activated, you can purchase the eGifts and Gift Cards in bulk, and choose to either have them all sent to your own address, or to the email addresses of individual recipients. 

Please note, all eGifts and Gift Cards expire after 12 months. They can be used in any Morrisons store in the UK and are not redeemable online. If you have any further queries in regards to setting up your account, please visit our website or call 0344 381 9461 and a member of our team will be happy to assist you.