Published:08 June 2020

Farmers, local foodmakers and small businesses will continue to be paid early as they deal with the closure of parts of the economy because of the coronavirus

Morrisons is to make immediate payments  to its smaller suppliers for a further three months to help them through the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

In March, Morrisons decided that it would make faster payments until the end of May to help small foodmakers and farmers with their cashflow. 

The continued closure of the hospitality and food service sector means that many small businesses continue to suffer cashflow problems. The Federation of Small Businesses says that many of its members are seeing payment terms lengthened by their clients as they deal with the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic.

As a result, Morrisons has taken the decision to extend immediate payments until September. 

David Potts, Chief Executive of Morrisons, said: “Small foodmakers and farmers have helped us to play our full part in feeding the nation. They have told us they face continued financial pressure and we want to be there for them during this challenging period.”

Federation of Small Businesses National Chairman Mike Cherry said: “Many small suppliers have seen their payment terms lengthened or cashflow held up as their big clients try to insulate themselves from the impacts of Covid-19. So it’s refreshing to see a large company like Morrisons championing prompt payment during this national emergency by extending its promise to pay small suppliers immediately. 

“This is what good business looks like in these unprecedented times, and we need to see more positive action like this as the whole business community looks to get back on its feet.”

The extension of immediate payments by Morrisons will help businesses that provide up to £1m of turnover, including suppliers of local food and farmers that deal direct with Morrisons, such as those providing eggs and livestock.  

Morrisons has around 3,000 small suppliers including 1,750 farmers that will benefit.