Morrisons selling flour direct from its bakeries
Published:02 May 2020

370 tonnes of flour sold in last ten days and over 19,000 bags of yeast 

Morrisons has begun selling flour direct from its in-store bakeries as customers turn to home baking during the coronavirus pandemic.

In recent weeks, supermarket shelves have been stripped of flour as more and more people have been rolling up their sleeves to bake at home. With many taking to social media to share their creations with friends and family.

The increased demand has left the flour industry struggling to keep up, with packaging running out across the country to pack the flour. 

Morrisons is responding by packing its own bakery flour into 1kg bags daily to sell in store - and even offering a 16kg bulk bag for more avid bakers. Since beginning to pack the bakery flour 10 days ago, Morrisons has sold over 370 tonnes to Britain’s bakers and over 19,000 bags of yeast. 

Customers can pay 60p for a 1kg bag of white bread flour, wholemeal bread flour, plain flour, or self raising flour and just £9 for a huge 16kg bag of white bread flour, plain flour or self raising flour. A 50g bag of bakery yeast is also available for 20p.

Andy Clarke, Morrisons Bakery Buying Manager said: “Listening to customers, we know baking is important right now to keep the family busy and entertain kids during the lockdown. It felt like a no brainer to give customers the ingredients they need to bake at home during this very difficult time.”

Morrisons flour bags are available from 450 Morrisons stores with in-store bakeries.

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