Morrisons reduces the cost of the basket of Christmas products for the second year running

Morrisons has cut the cost of shopping at Christmas with the core basket of 100 customers’ favourite items reducing by 23 pence.

The basket includes the core items that customers need at Christmas including cranberry sauce, tin foil and sprouts and is used by the company to judge its competitiveness during the festive season.

Customers told Morrisons they didn’t want the cost of Christmas to rise.

Morrisons has been able to hold most of the 100 prices but there have been price reductions on items like cranberry sauce, mincemeat and vol-au-vents, which have brought the total basket down by 23 pence.

It’s the second year that the cost of the basket has fallen.

Anna Lane Customer Service Director at Morrisons, said: “We are cutting every penny we can to become even more competitive this Christmas and held many prices even where costs are rising. We want to help our customers stay within their Christmas budget.”

The Morrisons basket includes items from its premium ‘The Best’ range such as its ‘The Best Mince Pies’, where the price has been held.

It also includes the main constituents of the Christmas dinner such as veg like sprouts, parsnips, potatoes, onions, swedes and carrots, which continue to be priced at 3 for £1, the same as last year.

The current rate of grocery inflation in the wider market is 1.6% according to Kantar.

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