Morrisons cuts petrol nationwide below £1 per litre
Published:11 May 2020

- Diesel also slashed to 104.7p per litre across all of its forecourts -

- First time national petrol price has fallen below £1-a-litre since Feb 2016 -

- Average price of fuel elsewhere in the UK is 108.74ppl for petrol and 114.26ppl for diesel -

From today [11 May 2020], Morrisons is bringing the price of its unleaded down to a maximum of 99.7p per litre, and diesel down to £104.7p per litre, at all of its forecourts across the UK.

It is the first time petrol has been sold nationally for under £1 since February 2016. UK drivers have only seen petrol below £1-a-litre once since the 2008-09 financial crisis. 

Morrisons is helping families with the cost of motoring as certain sectors and some people go back to work. 

Ashley Myers, Head of Fuel for Morrisons, said: "This cut will help people who are travelling to work, those shopping for essentials, and those assisting the elderly and vulnerable. We want to play our full part in reducing the cost of living and feeding the nation at this difficult time."

The new fuel prices will be effective on all Morrisons fuel forecourts from 11 May 2020. For a typical 50-litre fill up, a Morrisons motorist will save £4.50  compared to the current national average. 

Elsewhere in the UK the average price for fuel still stands at 108.74p per litre for petrol and 114.26ppl for diesel, according to RAC Fuel Watch. 

Morrisons has 337 filling stations across the UK.