Morrisons takes healthy eating to the next level with new ‘Nourish’ range in stores

Supermarket launches Nourish; a brand-new healthy food range with 32 items to support customers’ health: from brain, to heart, to immunity

Morrisons is also expanding its Vegan and Counted ranges as customers look to cut down on meat and track calories

This January, Morrisons is launching Nourish; a brand-new healthier food range designed to put some zest and zing on plates and offer a holistic boost to customers’ health. The range includes 32 delicious products that are specially designed to provide different health benefits: whether good for your bones, your gut, your heart, your skin health or your immunity.

The new range features a wide variety of products that offer bold flavours, vibrant colours and are loaded with goodness. Nourish includes everything from fibre-packed purple grain salads packed with beetroot, bean and grains to gut-friendly smoothies like the orange and mango super smoothie. And for protein-packed evening meals there’s Naked Katsu Curries or a frozen Chicken Jalfrezi with Chickpea Coriander Rice.

With many people focusing on health more than ever, Morrisons is making it easy for customers to focus on their own specific health goals by calling out the individual benefits of each product. The clear and vibrant packaging will make it easy for shoppers to spot which tasty dish or snack will best suit their needs and goals.

Highlights from the range include:

Morrisons Nourish Naked Katsu CurryFresh£3.50
Morrisons Nourish Green Goodness SoupFresh£1.60
Morrisons Nourish Hoisin Duck NoodlesFresh£3.50
Morrisons Nourish Chicken Jalfrezi with Chickpea Coriander RiceFrozen£2
Morrisons Nourish Piri Piri Chicken & Beans with Spicy RiceFrozen£2
Morrisons Nourish Layers of Goodness SaladFood To Go£2
Morrisons Nourish Purple Grain SaladFood To Go£2
Morrisons Nourish Gut Orange Mango Smoothie 750mlFood To Go£1.95
Morrisons Nourish Immunity Kiwi Apple Smoothie 750mlFood To Go£1.95
Morrisons Nourish Berry BircherFood To Go


For those looking to balance out a heavy festive season of feasting on mince pies, Morrisons is also expanding its ‘Counted’ range which provides convenient, delicious and calorie-controlled alternatives to customers’ favourite ready meals, soups and dressings. The 11 new products include the likes of Counted Mediterranean Tuna Wrap, Counted Chicken in Peppercorn Sauce and Counted Wholemeal Danish Bread. 

And for customers looking to take up the Veganuary challenge, Morrisons has announced 25 brand new vegan products to its ‘V Taste’ range. These tasty additions include the likes of V Taste Korma Cooking Sauce, V Taste Southern Fried Chicken Burgers and V Taste Butternut Mac & Cheese. 

Tessa Callaghan, Head of Own Brand & Design at Morrisons says:

“This January we’ll be offering something for everyone focusing on their health in the New Year. Nourish is launching at a time when general health and immunity – not just dieting – is at the top of our customers’ agendas, even more so this year. We really believe that the range makes healthy eating not just attainable, but also tasty and affordable. What’s more, by expanding our Counted and Vegan ranges we hope to offer even more choice for people with weight loss goals or taking part in Veganuary.”

Nourish will be launching in Morrisons stores across the country from 4th January, along with the expanded Vegan and Counted ranges.