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Corporate Responsibility

Behind the words and numbers printed on every till receipt there is a story. Where your products come from, what they contain, the resources needed to create them, how we make, buy, move or sell them to you, how much they cost, how the place where you
bought them operates and connects you to you and your community.

Our corporate responsibility programme ensures we source our products responsibly, promote healthy lifestyles, engage and
develop our people, effectively manage operations to reduce our environmental impact and support the communities in which we operate.

Corporate Responsibility Review

This document reports on the progress we have made in our financial year (52 week period ended 1 February 2015) unless otherwise stated. This is only a fraction of what we do, but gives an overview of activity throughout the year.

Policy guidance

Corporate responsibility is supported by our wider policy development framework. Read our responsible business policies on the issues that matter to our customers.