We pride ourselves on delivering great service. It’s one of our core values. For customers and staff at our stores in Wales this means doing as much as is reasonable and practicable to communicate bilingually – in Welsh and in English.

We have a number of measures in place to support and promote the use of the Welsh language. This includes bilingual signage in our stores, car parks, and petrol filling stations, which ensures that key customer information is displayed in Welsh and English.

We have bilingual signage along the aisles to help shoppers find the products they want, and translate important notices such as store opening times, recycling facilities and car park information. Where bilingual signage is displayed, the two languages must be equally prominent, with the Welsh to the left or above the English.

We know that some customers want to receive service in Welsh. To help facilitate this, we have rolled out the Iaith Gwaith/Working Welsh badge scheme, which helps customers find colleagues around the store who speak their preferred language. We have also introduced a Welsh language option at our self-service checkouts.

In addition, some of our advertising, local marketing, website, and audio announcements are bilingual and we will look to extend the use of Welsh wherever it is reasonable and practicable to do so.