Performance information

Here are some highlights of our most recent performance in the Purpose area of our sustainability strategy. For more detailed statistics on our targets, our year-on-year performance and links to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, download our Sustainability Report 2020/21.

Our Purpose

2020/21 performance

Helping our customers to eat well

9.03 billion calories, 739.6 tonnes of sugar and 79.72 tonnes of salt has been removed from our products in the year to date

Launched a Healthier Living logo on packaging to make it easier for customers to make healthier choices

There are 70 products in our Nourish range, with specific nutritional benefits 

Have an own brand V Taste plant-based range 

We’ve signed up to the Food Foundation ‘Peas Please’ Campaign to encourage more people to eat vegetables

54% of our own-brand products are classified as non-HFSS (High Fat Sugar Salt) 

By early 2022 we’ll have removed child-friendly characters from products that are HFSS

Ensuring food safety

Morrisons publishes its pesticide policy on an annual basis

All our packaged foods comply with Natasha’s Law from 1 October 2021

Supporting British farmers and fishermen

We buy directly from over 2,700 farmers and growers

100% of our fresh meat, milk, cheddar cheese and eggs are sourced from British farms

Our For Farmers range has provided farmers with over £20m extra of income by 2021

We’ve launched a £2m apprenticeship fund to encourage the next generation of farmers 

We co-launched the British Egg Academy to offer further education for farmers 

We’ve co- launched the world’s first School of Sustainable Food and Farming

We have the broadest range of fresh British seafood of any supermarket

Enhancing animal welfare

All our livestock farms are certified by the Red Tractor Assurance scheme

100% of our shell eggs are free range

59% of our ingredient eggs are cage free

80% of our fresh chicken comes from farms where chicks are barn born and raised

We earned a Good Calf Award from Compassion in World Farming for our higher-welfare dairy beef scheme

We’re the only supermarket that’s fully aligned with the Arla UK 360 standard for fresh milk, which covers animal welfare and the environment

Our ‘Project Pollinator’ scheme had up to a 55% year-on-year increase in bee numbers

Morrisons has never conducted or commissioned tests on animals