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Performance information

Here are some highlights of our most recent performance in the Planet area of our sustainability strategy. For more detailed statistics on our targets, our year-on-year performance and links to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, download our Sustainability Report 2020/21.

Our Planet

2020/21 performance

Tackling the climate crisis

We’ve already reduced our operational carbon footprint by 32% - saving almost 300,000 tonnes of CO2 since 2017

Our overall energy use has reduced by 10% since our 2017/18 baseline year

We currently generate 5MW of electricity from solar panels installed across 37 sites

We’ve introduced technology at 260 stores on the shelves of our open fridges to keep the cold in and reduce energy consumption

We plan supply chain routes carefully to reduce road miles

Our HGVs use bigger trailers so we need fewer of them and they run on low-friction tyres

We’ve reduced energy-intensive driving styles and idling time

We’re introducing a lightweight fleet of vehicles that use 10-25% less fuel

We’ve installed over 220 ‘next generation’ rapid electric vehicle chargers at stores nationwide

Reducing food waste

Food waste as a percentage of food sold was 0.34%, down from 0.39% in 2016/17  

3 million surplus food products were given to local causes by our stores

We’ve sold 250,000 of their ‘Magic Bags’ bags via the Too Good to Go app

Our manufacturing and distribution sites have redistributed over 6 million meals

We sell 22 varieties of fruit and veg in our Naturally Wonky range, which helps to avoid food waste at the farm gate

Rethinking how we use plastics

84% of our own-brand plastic packaging is recyclable, reusable or compostable

We have reduced primary plastic packaging in our own-brand products by 11%

Our initiatives to date have removed 11,000 tonnes of unnecessary or problem plastic since 2017

Morrisons was the first retailer to replace plastic “bags for life” with a paper alternative

Customers can buy up to 75 varieties of plastic-free loose fruit and veg in 332 of our stores

We’ve added front-of-pack recycling instructions to our top 400 lines, covering around 500 million items sold each year

We are building a pioneering new soft plastic recycling site in Fife

Sourcing global resources sustainably

All the palm oil in our own-brand products is Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) certified

We are members of the UK Roundtable on Sustainable Soy

Our wood and wood-derived products must be Forest Stewardship Council certified or from an approved alternative source

66% of wild caught seafood is sourced from fisheries certified to a Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative recognised fishery management standard

99% of farmed seafood is sourced from supply chains certified to a Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative recognised standard

27% of cotton used in Nutmeg is sourced as Better Cotton 

10% of the viscose used in Nutmeg clothing is FSC or PEFC certified