Executive level governance of our human rights programme and activities is delivered through the structure of our ESG improvement programme - Sustain. This programme aims to ensure that the company delivers its ambitions of achieving sustainable growth with a positive supply chain impact, and plays its full part supporting the lives of our colleagues and the communities we serve. 

A senior level Sustain Group meets monthly and reports against progress on a number of key targets across 10 workstreams to a sub-committee of the Executive Committee. The Sustain Executive Sub-Committee has operational responsibility for ensuring human rights are respected, and our agreed objectives are delivered. The Committee is chaired by our Chief Operating Officer.

Sustain Structure.png

The cross functional Human Rights Working Group includes Director level representation from our Commercial, Technical, Marketing, Ethical Trading, Legal and Compliance teams and meets on a 6 weekly basis to review progress against medium and long term objectives. This includes discussing ongoing work to address challenges in high risk sourcing geographies across four key thematic areas: Forced Labour, Living Incomes, Gender Equity and Worker Representation. 

This group also works in close collaboration with the Sustainable Sourcing Working Group to ensure we take a holistic approach to challenges in our supply chains, and identify the human rights risks driven by changes to our climate and environment.

We also have several internal policies in place to enhance our commitment to operating ethically and ensuring that all our colleagues are treated with dignity and respect, including Anti-Bribery and Corruption, Right to Work, Respect in the Workplace and Whistleblowing. These policies are regularly updated and made available to all colleagues through our internal online “My Morri” platform.