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December 2013

Morrisons launches online food offer

20 December 2013

Morrisons has launched its online food offer Morrisons.com that will set new standards for the delivery of fresh food in the UK.

November 2013

Vince Cable witnesses Morrisons manufacturing commitment

29 November 2013

Business Secretary Vince Cable visited the Morrisons Farmers Boy processing site in Bradford today to see the company’s investment in the future of its manufacturing operation.

Q3 Interim Management Statement - 13 weeks to 3 November 2013

07 November 2013

Morrisons third quarter performance was in line with its expectations.  In the quarter to 3 November 2013, total store sales* excluding fuel were up by 1.0% (up 0.1% including fuel) with like for like sales* down 2.4% (down 3.0% including fuel). Consumer confidence remains subdued and we continue to see...

October 2013

Morrisons launches pilot beef efficiency scheme

24 October 2013

Morrisons is launching a new scheme that will apply the latest thinking on bovine genetics with the aim of helping to better utilise beef from the dairy herd.

Morrisons announces electronic ID scheme

24 October 2013

Morrisons will become the first meat processor to log the identity of each lamb that passes through its doors and provide farmers with information about its final weight and grade.   This has been made possible by the compulsory introduction of EiD Tags in Scottish Lambs.

Morrisons wins IGD awards for Employability and Enhancing Livelihoods

10 October 2013

Morrisons has been named the grocery industry leader for both Employability and for Enhancing Livelihoods by the industry body, the IGD.

September 2013

Brits Stuck in a Repeat Meal Rut

19 September 2013

49 per cent of Brits consume the same meals two or more times a week 55 per cent are consuming the exact same meals they were 10 years ago Spag Bol is the most popular recurring dish

Our position on milk prices

13 September 2013

We’d like to clarify our position on the prices received by dairy farmers for the milk they produce. We buy milk from processors, rather than direct from the farmer, and it is these businesses who set the price that farmers receive. These processors have a broad portfolio of customers and...

Interim results for the half year to 4 August 2013

12 September 2013

Operational progress in a challenging environment; focusing on execution

August 2013

Sweeter British apples in store thanks to warm summer

30 August 2013

The prolonged spell of warm, sunny weather enjoyed throughout the UK this year has resulted in a crop of British apples that will taste sweeter than last year’s batch.

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