Analyst Consensus

Forecasts are on a post IFRS 16 basis and have been gathered from registered investment analysts for Morrisons Plc through Vuma Consensus, an independent website

Full Year Consensus2019/202020/212021/22
Group like-for-like sales0.9%2.1%1.7%
- Low0.4%1.1%1.1%
- High2.2%3.6%2.5%
Profit before tax and exceptional items (£m)415445472
- Low397427443
- High426458501
Earnings per share before exceptional items (p)13.3214.3915.28
- Low12.5813.8014.33
- High13.7815.0816.10
Ordinary dividend per share (p)6.797.337.75
- Low6.296.757.01
- High7.207.768.12
Surplus capital return per share (p)5.866.066.30
- Low4.004.004.00
- High6.527.478.91

Published on 22nd October 2019

Based on 13 participants

Restated 2018/19 results on a post-IFRS 16 basis were published on 2nd July, and are available on this website