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Palm oil

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88% RSPO certified segregated or mass balance palm oil within own brand products

We are committed to responsible sourcing and look to use supply chain systems which minimise the environmental impact associated with the production of key commodities.

Palm oil is an important ingredient in a range of everyday products. Rising global demand for palm oil has fuelled deforestation in parts of south east Asia, which is why we have set targets to ensure that the palm oil we use comes from sustainable sources.

All palm oil and derivatives used as an ingredient in our own brand products must be sourced through a Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) certified supply chain system.

As GreenPalm have announced they will cease trading we will transition to the use of the RSPO eTrace credit trading platform for palm kernel oils and derivatives used as an ingredient in our own brand products in 2017. This position reflects the lack of available RSPO supply chain certified material, while supporting continued, sustainable production.

To help customers make informed choices, we require own brand products containing palm oil to clearly state ‘palm oil’ in the list of ingredients instead of a more generic ‘vegetable oil’ description.

Where does RSPO-certified palm oil come from?

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