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Food waste

Over 400 of our stores have partnerships with local redistribution organisations

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We work with WRAP to take action on food waste across our supply chain

Our manufacturing and logistics sites work with FareShare and Company Shop to redistribute edible surplus food

We are signatories to the Courtauld 2025 Commitment

Morrisons is different from other retailers because we make as well as sell food. This gives us unrivalled opportunities to reduce supply chain waste and pass savings on to customers. Our colleagues work hard to minimise waste every day, it makes commercial sense and we know that our customers really care about this too.

To support producers we adjust our specifications when weather conditions lead to poor harvests and following customer feedback we have introduced a range of 'wonky' vegetables, such as parsnips, carrots and onions, which are cheaper in price and give customers the choice on which they want to buy.

We have a nationwide Unsold Food to Charity Programme in our stores. This allows community organisations to partner with our stores to ensure edible surplus gets put to good use. In our manufacturing sites and distribution centres, we also work with Company Shop and FareShare to redistribute edible surplus food that can’t be used through our own operations.

Morrisons Unsold food to Charity programme

Where waste does occur we are committed to diverting it from landfill, supporting its use for purposes of greater benefit, such as anaerobic digestion. We have already made significant progress in diverting 97% of our store waste and continue to make progress towards our target for zero waste direct to landfill from our manufacturing operations.

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