We recognise the responsibility we share with our suppliers to ensure that the people who make our products are treated fairly and work in safe conditions. We have been members of the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) since 2016, supporting their activity through funding research and active membership of cross sector working groups.

Our Ethical Trading Policy is a fundamental element of our commitment and it requires all own-brand suppliers to demonstrate compliance with our Ethical Trading Code (ETC). Our ETC, which is incorporated into our standard terms and conditions of purchase for all suppliers, sets out key rights for workers, including wages, working hours, safe and hygienic conditions and discrimination.

We use risk-based assessment to determine auditing requirements and where higher risk is present we require suppliers to demonstrate compliance with our ETC via independent third party ethical audits.

We are a member of the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange (Sedex),, a web-based system for suppliers to share ethical information. We require all Morrisons Group own-brand suppliers to register with Sedex and share ethical information with us as evidence of compliance with our policy across all supplying sites.

Where ethical trade issues are observed our preferred approach is to work with our suppliers to drive improvement in our supply chain.

Where our standards are consistently not met and suppliers are unwilling to improve, we will cease trading with them.