We charge 5p for single use carrier bags supplied to our customers across the UK in line with legislation. We donate all of the money raised (less VAT) to good causes, with the Morrisons Foundation and our national charity partner Sue Ryder benefitting most.

The Morrisons Foundation makes grant awards to local charities in the communities we serve and offers match funding for colleagues. In its first year the Foundation donated £2.5 million and supported over 400 charities.

We have seen use of single use carrier bags fall by around 80% across the UK since charging came into force - a reduction in excess of half a billion bags over the course of a year. However, we understand there will always be some demand for single use carrier bags.

Through optimising weight and using recycled material where possible we aim to minimise their environmental impact, without compromising durability.

We take our environmental responsibilities seriously and encourage customers to reuse their shopping bags or invest in long-lasting alternatives where possible.

Customers can also recycle carrier bags at stations located in all our stores and our delivery drivers will offer to take away bags for recycling. We publish information on the amount of money raised in each country each year and how it has been used. This can be found on our Carrier Bag Charging page.