Hope for Justice is an organisation  dedicated to tackling modern slavery by preventing exploitation, rescuing victims, restoring lives and reforming society.

The organisation operates a proven multi-disciplinary model which includes activities ranging from community education programmes and tailored restorative care for victims, to collaboration with police and businesses designed to detect and prevent incidences of human trafficking and modern slavery.

Morrisons have been actively engaged with Hope for Justice since 2017, officially formalising our partnership with the organisation in 2018.  As part of this, we have engaged Hope for Justice representatives to conduct risk assesments of a number of Morrisons manufacturing and logistics sites, to help identify risk and build our resilience  against modern slavery risk in our own supply chain. 

To find out more about Hope for Justice’s mission, visit their website here. 

In 2020 we became the first UK supermarket to join the Slave-Free Alliance, a not-for-profit social enterprise launched and wholly owned by Hope for Justice. Slave-Free Alliance and its members’ vision is to live in a world free from slavery, and all profits are reinvested into Hope for Justice’s global work preventing exploitation, rescuing victims of modern slavery, restoring lives and reforming society. Membership gives us access to a range of services designed to help find and prevent cases of Modern Slavery in our supply chain - including site assessments, crisis response, investigation, training, online resources, and technical consultations.