The GLAA is a non-departmental public body which works to protect vulnerable and exploited workers in the UK.

It investigates reports of worker exploitation and illegal activity including human trafficking, forced labour, and illegal provision, and works in partnership with organisations such as the National Crime Agency and other government law enforcement agencies to target, dismantle and disrupt serious and organised crime across the UK. The GLAA also runs a licencing scheme regulating businesses who provide workers to the fresh produce and horticulture supply chains, to ensure that they comply with legal employment standards. 

Morrisons has a well established relationship with the GLAA, and holds regular meetings with their compliance team. We have also contributed to the development of the Retailer Protocol for Handling Modern Slavery in the UK Supply Chain, and comissioned a number of bespoke GLAA  training workshops on modern slavery for colleagues from our Manufacturing, Loss Prevention, and People teams, and for Morrisons Daffodil growers in Cambridgeshire. 

More information on the GLAA’s work is available on their website.