The ETI (Ethical Trading Initiative) brings together companies, trade unions, and NGOs to promote workers’ rights across the globe.

Members of the ETI include a global network of companies from a wide variety of industries with a combined turnover of over £166bn, international trade union organisations representing more than 160 million workers worldwide, and NGOs ranging from large international development organisations to specialised labour rights and fairtrade associations. 

Morrisons has been actively engaged with the ETI since 2015, and were confirmed as full members in 2018. ETI membership gives us the ability to join forces with other businesses, trade unions, and civil society organisations to support wider advocacy and influence at government level in countries with systemic human rights issues. We are currently actively participating in and providing financial support for a number of ETI initiatives to drive improvement in our supply chains, including: 

  • Good labour practices in Latin American horticulture 
  • Vulnerable migrant workers in Itlay
  •  Human Rights due diligence in Spain
  • Accommodation standards in UK agriculture

To find out more about the ETI, please visit their website.