Ethical Trading

At Morrisons we recognise the responsibility that we share with our suppliers to buy, produce and sell our products in an ethical manner.

We strongly believe that when human rights are respected and ethical standards are consistently delivered, this can improve worker wellbeing, productivity and quality, which benefits both our suppliers and our customers. We therefore seek to develop long-term, mutually beneficial trading relationships with suppliers based on the principle of fair, open and honest dealings at all times. 

We are guided by our core purpose to “make and provide food we’re all proud of, where everyone’s efforts are worthwhile so more and more people can afford to enjoy eating well”. Respecting the human rights of everyone involved in the sourcing, manufacture and supply of our products is key to this and our customers rightly expect us to take this responsibility seriously. 

For more information about Morrisons Ethical Trade programme, please explore the sections below.