Plastic Footprint

Own brand primary plastic packaging in 2018/19 

Polymer breakdown

Our plastic reduction commitment

We have a target in place to reduce own brand primary plastic packaging by 25% by 2025 against a 2017 baseline.

We will achieve this through a variety of methods including packaging optimisation, ‘right weighting’ or removal of unnecessary materials and innovation as well as concentrated and compressed packaging.

In 2018/19, we achieved a net 5.1% like-for-like reduction in own brand plastic packaging, the
equivalent of 2,829 tonnes.

This reduction was achieved through a variety of packaging changes throughout the year. For
example, we moved Morrisons Savers 6 and 15 pack eggs from plastic into pulp egg boxes, saving 330 tonnes of plastic.

We changed our plastic produce bags to paper saving 176m single-use bags, the equivalent of 269 tonnes of plastic. We have seen a change in customer behaviour with the introduction of the new paper bag, with usage down by 46%.

We have moved labels for Morrisons branded fresh meat products from plastic to paper, saving
around 40 tonnes of plastic.

Where there isn’t a clear solution to move out of plastic, where possible we are looking at ways to reduce the thickness of the plastic used on a product to make sure we do not use more plastic than is necessary. For example, we reduced the thickness of the film used across all own brand sliced bread by 17%, this move has saved 77 tonnes of plastic.

Removing problematic plastics

We have removed expanded polystyrene across all Morrisons branded food and drinks products.
During 2019, we will continue to phase out remaining black plastic, expanded polystyrene and rigid PVC across all our products.