In-store initiatives

We have a number of initiatives in our stores to help our customers to live their lives with less plastic:

Loose produce areas 

We have the highest proportion of loose fruit and vegetables sales of any UK supermarket.
In addition to the loose fruit and vegetables we already sell through Market Street, we were the first UK supermarket to roll out loose fruit and vegetables areas in our stores. This will be in 60 stores by the end of 2019.

Bring your own container to our counters

Customers to use their own containers for fresh meat and fish at our Market Street Butcher and Fishmonger counters since June 2018, and more recently we’ve extended this to our Deli counter for cooked meats and cheeses.

Paper carrier bags

We were the first UK supermarket to launch a reusable paper grocery bag in our stores. These bags are 100% PEFC accredited, suitable for reuse and can ultimately be recycled at kerbside. To ensure this bag is genuinely reusable and that we were not introducing a single-use carrier bag to the market, the bag was developed to have a high tear strength and can hold 16kg in weight.

The bags are produced at a factory in Wales that relies on renewable energy. They’re made from
Scandinavian paper with no bleaches used in the paper production

Produce paper bags

We’ve removed small plastic fruit and vegetable bags from our greengrocery aisles, and replaced them with paper bags in June 2019.

Reverse vending machine

We’re trialling a reverse vending machines in a few of our stores to incentivise customers to return plastic bottles.

25p discount on your coffee

We offer customers a 25p discount at our barista bars and cafes when they use their own cups.

Refill your bottle for free

Water is freely available in our cafés for customers who want to refill their water bottles, and we're fitting drinking water fountains into new stores. We are also included on the Refill app, to help the public easily locate Morrisons stores. For further information visit  Refill's website

Front-of-pack recycling logos

In addition to using On Pack Recycling Labelling (OPRL) logos, we have introduced a new new simple front-of-pack recycling scheme on 400 popular products help customers recycle more packaging.

The scheme makes it clear using two front-of-pack icons if the packaging can be recycled at home or at store:

  • A 'Please Recycle Me’ icon appears on packaging that can be recycled at home - such as plastic milk and drink bottles. 
  • Whilst a 'Recycle Me In Store' icon features on bags - such as those that cover bread and potatoes - and wrap – covering the likes of toilet roll, which can't be widely recycled at kerbside.