1. Collaboration and promotion Supporting British farmers

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100%British own brand fresh meat, milk and eggs
£12mDonated to farmers through For Farmers range (2017/18 £9m raised)
Compassion in World Farming Good Egg Award
Retailer of the Year at the Food and Farming Awards

2. Traceability and integrity Food safety, quality and provenance

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4thYear below FSA’s retailer target on campylobacter levels
3rdYear of Culture of Excellence programme in manufacturing
All labels on our pre-packed in-store products carry allergens advice
Allergens training rolled out to all colleagues in store

3. Changing our use Reducing, reusing and recycling plastic

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174mPlastic produce bags removed
9,000Tonnes of plastic removed or made widely recyclable
PEFCPEFC certified reusable paper carrier bag launch announced
81%Morrisons branded plastic packaging is recyclable by weight

4. Creating efficiencies Reducing waste and carbon emissions

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NewNew science-based target to be launched
45% Reduction in operational carbon emissions
Voltage optimisation and LED lighting rollout
Continued rollout of CO2 refridgeration

5. Measurement, prevention and redistribution Reducing food waste

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7,710Tonnes surplus food redistributed since 2016/17
£330,000 donated to food redistribution charities
Too Good to Waste boxes launched in stores

6. Train, engage and retain Looking after our colleagues

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76%Colleague engagement score
500Fresh food apprenticeships launched
My Performance plans launched to support colleague development
Colleague wellbeing toolkits launched

7. Promoting sustainable supply chains Sourcing responsibly

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CertifiedAll Morrisons branded bananas are Fairtrade or Rainforest Alliance certified
3/33 out of 3 trees in WWF’s Timber Scorecard
Continued participation in Sustainable Fisheries Partnership’s Ocean Disclosure Project
Continue to support Global Ghost Gear Initiative

8. Protection of workers Supply chain working conditions

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Members of the Ethical Trading Initiative
ResponsibleSupported the launch of the Responsible Car Wash Scheme
Publication of Nutmeg tier one factory list

9. Affordable choices Helping customers to live healthier lives

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613Tonnes of sugar removed from Morrisons branded products
2.45bnCalories removed from Morrisons branded products
V Taste vegan range launched
Little Kitchen range launched

10. Playing an active role Supporting local communities

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£5.5mDonated to charities through Morrisons Foundation
£3.6mRaised for charity partner CLIC Sargent (2017/18: £3.4m)
Quieter hour launched
Defibrillator rollout in stores and sites complete