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At Morrisons we are proud of our fresh fish. We offer some 50 different varieties of fish because we know customers are interested in trying different things. And with over 1,000 fully trained in-store fishmongers, advice on cooking and preparation is always at hand.

We know that our customers want their fish to be responsibly sourced. Fishing and farming will always have some impact on the environment, but we aim to source fish which is caught or farmed using methods which are the least detrimental to the marine environment.

Each species that we stock has to meet a set of conditions before it goes into our stores. Important sustainability criteria, such as stock levels, fisheries management and where and how the fish is caught, are properly considered as part of our rigorous “decision tree” process.

We are the only British supermarket to own a seafood factory, which means we can move fresh fish from “catch to kitchen” even more quickly. Our site in Grimsby allows us to offer the widest variety and freshest fish on the market – and give a great deal to customers.

And because we want customers to make informed choices about the fish they buy, we have led the market by labelling our fresh fish with information on where and how it was caught. We have also introduced simpler, fixed weight pricing to make life easier for customers.

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