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Morrisons to join with Lakeland to launch into the online kitchenware business

Morrisons announces today that it will be joining with Lakeland, the kitchenware and home shopping pioneer, to take their kitchen products to millions of online shoppers.

Morrisons will launch a new website in spring 2013 bringing Lakeland’s creative kitchenware to new customers as part of its non-food offering through Morrisons.com.

This will be the retailer’s third fully transactional website, following the launch of MorrisonsCellar.com in November 2012 and the acquisition of baby care retailer Kiddicare.com in 2011.

The partnership is the latest step in Morrisons’ strategy of expanding its non-food business online to allow its supermarkets to remain focused on fresh food. Morrisons is initially launching categories that are close to food with its wine and kitchenware offerings.

In Lakeland, it has a partner that has built up a reputation over the last 50 years for selling creative kitchenware. Lakeland was one of the first retailers to launch into home shopping through its catalogue business, which started in the 1970s.
Dalton Philips, Chief Executive of Morrisons, said:  “We believe the future for retailing many non-food products is online rather than in supermarkets.  Morrisons customers are used to buying great fresh food and this venture will also ensure they can prepare it with great kitchenware from Morrisons.com. We decided to work with Lakeland because it has spent 50 years selling reliable kitchenware for cooks of all standards.”

Sam Rayner, Lakeland's Managing Director, said: "Lakeland are delighted to have the opportunity to offer our products for sale on Morrisons.com. This is a unique opportunity for us to work closely with one of the UK's leading grocers and we see a lot of opportunity in the links between our respective products and services. We are looking forward to delivering our practical and innovative kitchenware to Morrisons customers. "

Lakeland's range of kitchenware will sit alongside Morrison's existing range of everyday essentials.  Initially, fulfilment of orders will be undertaken by Lakeland but in time it will be done by Morrisons.

Morrisons first move into online retailing came with the acquisition of baby superstore, Kiddicare.com, in 2011, and its online wine offering, MorrisonsCellar.com, went live in November 2012.

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