Welsh Carrier Bags

Welsh Carrier Bags
Over the last year proceeds generated from charging 5p for carrier bags in our Welsh stores generated a £414,207 net of VAT.

In 2013 we announced we would continue our partnership with Save the Children for a third and final year. Save the Children received £343,702 from the total funds generated through charging for carrier bags in Wales last year.

These funds supported the additional roll out of 91 Families and Schools Together (FAST) programmes across the UK in 2013. FAST is an early intervention programme that aims to create positive impact on the lives of families and children across the UK. This partnership allowed Save the Children to transform the scale of their programme and make longer term, sustainable differences to over 6,500 children.

This money also supported Save the Children’s Eat, Sleep, Learn, Play! programme which provides crisis items for families in need. It ensures families in desperate need do not have to go without basic necessities for their children:

Eat : A cooker enables children and their families to have a hot, healthy meal together.
Sleep: A bed gives a child a good night’s sleep so they can be alert and able to learn at school.
Learn: Books stimulate children’s minds, helping them get ready for school.
Play: Toys enable children to have fun and encourage them to move and develop.

The support of this partnership delivered 3,851 emergency grants changing the lives of 8,857 children!

Our partnership with Save the Children came to an end in February and so did the donation of the money generated through the carrier bag levy to this cause. The remaining £70,505 generated through charging in our Welsh stores in 2013/14 will support our Morrisons Foundation. This foundation, currently in the process of being established, will provide support to national and regional charities across the UK.